Common Questions

How many people work at MJM Design?

That depends on the project. Our collaboration model works in a two-step process: First, we determine the goals of your project. Then we assemble a small team of independent professionals—designers, developers, copywriters, and branding experts—matched to the specific needs of your project. Typical projects are collaborations between about 3-5 people. Our network of hand-selected, experienced and trusted web professionals stands at around 15 (and growing).

The company is owned and operated by Matt McWilliam. Matt is a designer with a strong background in front-end and WordPress development. Today, Matt focuses on project management, strategy and collaboration with other great designers and developers. Follow MJM Design on Twitter @mjmdesign.

Where are you and your team based?

The company is run out of offices in Miami, Florida. That’s right in the heart of downtown Miami also known as the Arts District. Our team works remotely from various corners of the United States.

Our model has been called many things: a “Distributed company”, a “virtual agency”, a “remote workforce”. Some have inquired about whether we hire low-cost overseas workers. Respectfully, we don’t. We hire the best, most experienced craftsmen (and craftswomen) we can find. While we’re not strictly against hiring outside of North America, we prefer to keep our partner relationships within a 3 hour time difference as it’s easier for collaboration.

Can you give me an idea on pricing?

Generally speaking, our projects usually fall within the $5,000 to $20,000 range. The price depends on many factors such as project scope/complexity, range of services included, expedited timelines, or other requirements.

Get in touch with us to get started. We’ll discuss the details, then prepare a proposal outlining the scope, timeline, and costs of your new project. We can also discuss different payment options at that time.

Will you participate in our request for proposal (RFP) process?

While we don’t flat-out reject RFP’s, we do keep a fairly consistent proposal process. We start with detailed discussions about your goals, scope and budget requirements, then provide a proposal outlining our planned solutions, timeline and costs.

We do not offer speculative work, sketches, or other creative work during the proposal process.

Explain the difference between custom WordPress web design and using a pre-existing WordPress theme.

We do custom website design with WordPress. This involves a careful process of discussions around strategy, formulating a site plan, detailed site maps and wireframes, information architecture, design mockups, interface designs, content creation, front-end development with web standards, and of course, WordPress CMS development that is custom-tailored to the specific needs of your organization’s web presence.

Using a pre-existing WordPress theme is a common route taken by many who are working within a tighter budget. There are hundreds of well-crafted WordPress themes on the market. We also offer customization or “tweaks” to existing WordPress themes. However, we prefer to focus our work on crafting custom solutions for our client’s goals.

Why should I hire MJM Design for my website redesign instead of a freelancer or a larger agency?

MJM Design offers a unique value, positioned somewhere in between a solo freelancer and larger agency. Our collaboration model lets us to work with truly amazing people without the overhead of high annual salaries, large offices, and organizational bloat.

Our teams are made up of independent professionals, who by nature are relentlessly self-motivated and passionate about their craft. We assemble small teams of specialists so that you end up with a well-rounded, professionally-built website.

Founded and operated by an experienced designer/developer, Matt McWilliam, all of our projects are managed and communicated by someone who knows the craft intimately—no middle men or account handlers here.

I am passionate about web design/development and I want to work with you guys!

Great! Get in touch and send us your website, portfolio, blog, etc. Looking forward to meeting you!

To get started, request a free quote today.