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Miami Web Design

We provide web design in Miami, Florida. A professional and attractive web design is critical for businesses large to small. According to a recent study, 2.9 billion people will access the internet in 2011. Many businesses are looking to stabilize their revenue stream by getting online and tapping into the local (or global) market. By having a web presence, many business owners quickly realize that there is a greater opportunity to rise above their competition on a local and national scale. They also have the unique opportunity of establishing a stronger brand image by delivering unique and interactive content to their customers. We can design a website that is specifically created to rank high on Google and increase the number of leads coming from the website.

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Website design mockups  by MJM Design in Las Vegas, NV

Our Web Design & Development Process

Designing a website for your business is what we specialize in. We start each project with a free initial consultation. The consultation is our chance to learn as much about your project as possible before starting design on your website. This may include researching your industry, local competitors, demographics, target audience and more. We then start the design process by creating rough draft mockups for you to review and approve. Based on our current work load, this process can be completed in as little as 24-48 hours in most cases.

Once the web design mockup is reviewed and approved by you, we move in to the development phase. In the development phase, we allocate the necessary resources to begin programming work on your new website. This involves scheduling a programmer to work on your particular project. You will remain in contact with your project manager throughout the course of the entire project. The programmer will begin “cutting up” the mockup and splicing it together into standards compliant, valid HTML/CSS code. From here, we take the code and create the functioning website on the WordPress framework. This includes working with PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Flash and MySQL in most cases. The final steps in programming include reviewing, testing and going live with your new website.

Quality Assurance and Going Live

We test each website thoroughly on a private staging server. You will receive a private URL that links directly to your new website as it is being built. This means that your new website is accessible in a private, pre-live environment, but is still accessible from any computer with an internet connection and access to the private URL of your project. Don’t worry, we block search engines during this phase of the project to prevent an unplanned indexing of your website.

Each website is thoroughly tested for broken links, missing images, spelling mistakes, grammar and more. We can even begin to implement basic SEO during this process as well. However, some clients choose to wait until after the website is live to begin SEO work. Once the website has passed our extensive examination, it is ready to go live. We simply update the Domain Name Servers (DNS) records at your registrar and the site will go live within 24 hours. Note: We say it will take up to 24 hours to go live, but typical go live time is about 10 to 15 minutes after updating the DNS records.

Our Rates & Pricing for Website Design

Our pricing varies from project to project. Because no two businesses are alike, each project naturally has different requirements and thus requires a custom price quote. For example, one local law firm who hired us to build a website with a defined set of requirements and features turned out to be completely different from what another local law firm hired us to do. Therefore, these two separate projects (although both for a local law firm) have different requirements and different costs. Even if two identical businesses (maybe direct competitors) were to approach Miami Web Design, they would likely have a different number of pages, differing amount of text, images and overall functionality. It is for these few reasons why not all website projects are identical.

If you would like to inquire about our rates, please feel free to contact us or request a free price quote and we can discuss a price quote that will work within your budget.

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